I was born and raised in a small town in the north of Romania, Campulung Moldovenesc. This is where my very first memories come from: first steps, first friends, first successes and first failures. Despite the fact that I left Campulung at the age of 19, it is the place I call home. 

I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Iasi, where I spent seven years of my early adulthood and where I realised what I really want to do in life. I graduated with a Bachelor degree from the Faculty of Law at the University "Petre Andrei", and later completed a postgraduate program with a specialisation in European Studies (Politics and European Integration) at the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University. In 2006 I made my first move abroad as a 

After completing my education, I have applied for a job as an Information Officer for a national agency in the UK: National Recognition Centre for the UK (UK NARIC).  From that role I quickly moved to the position of a Research Officer, where I had an excellent opportunity to make an impact on recognition of Eastern European qualifications in the UK. Throughout my career in UK NARIC as Regional Specialist I have managed to significantly improve the understanding and recognition of many academic and vocational awards from various countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, including Romania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria etc. This had a direct impact on the access to the UK job market for the citizens of the new members of the EU. After many successful years as a Regional Specialist I have been recently promoted to the role of an Information Development Manager.
Since moving to the UK in 2007, I have been actively involved in all aspects related to the problems of the Romanian community in the UK. My activities have been focused on finding solutions to various issues that Romanians abroad face in their daily life. Considering my professional background, I decided to work on a platform that would provide a free access to important information about the status of various professions in the UK. This idea materialised in 2012 when I launched the Network of Romanian Professionals Abroad (RPRS). Together with a handful of Romanian specialists working in the UK in different fields, we created a website that features useful articles with recommendation and advice on how to access certain professions in the UK. The feedback I received was excellent which made me think that through RPRS we managed to promote solidarity and unity among Romanian Diaspora, and at the same time help Romanians to understand procedures and rules of becoming a nurse, a teacher, an electrician or a doctor.

Helping Romanian professionals to fulfill their professional aspirations was very rewarding, however, after socialising with number of young Romanian families in the area I live, I realised that there is a need for a Sunday school that would teach young Romanian children their mother tongue and the history and geography of the country they parents come from. The idea of the Romanian Gloucestershire School in Cheltenham was warmly welcomed by many Romanian parents from Cheltenham and neighbouring towns and in 2015 we started to enroll children onto the classes.
My work for the community was recognised by the Romanian Embassy in the UK, which honoured me with an “Ambassador Diploma” in the category “Work for the Romanian Community” for the positive role I played in the process of integrating Romanians professionals into the British society, and for improving the recognition of Romanian qualifications in UK.

After many years of working with the Romanian Diaspora, I realised that in order to make further impact on the situation of Romanians abroad I would need to be closer to the decision-making scene. Therefore, I decided that the best step would be to get involved in politics. I truly believe that Romania needs a change, it needs to provide conditions that will allow those who don’t want to go abroad, to stay and prosper in their own homeland. Romanians abroad need a strong representative voice at the Parliament and I believe that I, after ten years of living and working abroad, can provide one.

In my political career, I would like to apply all my core values that guided me through life: independence, honesty, altruism, family, faith, tolerance and love for the country.